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Bridgeford Portal 2Bridgeford Trust Company places a high value on the security of your important financial and personal documents. We are pleased to offer our clients a personalized and secure center to store their documents, and to make them easily accessible around the clock.

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Highlights of a Secure Client Center

• Send and receive files (i.e. financial statements).

• Download and print needed files at your convenience.

• A secure way to transfer personal client information, as compared to regular email.

• No more waiting for the snail mail to arrive – just log on, click, and print.

• Receive email notifications when files are uploaded.

• And most of all, it’s easy to use!

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If you have already signed up for our client center, you can access the site at

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To get set up with a secure Client Center site please review the Client Client Center Terms and Conditions and then Submit a Client Center Request Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Client Center used for? With the Client Center, you can now have access to financial statements and any other documents that you request us to “publish” to your Client Center in a personalized, secure, online database. It also allows you, the client, to upload documents such as workpapers or brokerage statements.

How does it work? We will set up individual usernames and passwords for all individuals that you request to have access. Those individuals will then receive a user guide from us via email with instructions on how to log in to the Client Center. In the initial set up stages, we can discuss which documents you would like published to your Client Center. At your request, we can publish any additional documents to the Client Center.

An online Client Center, is that secure? Actually, our online Client Center, with its authentication process, is much more secure than sending documents via email. We will work with our clients to ensure that all documents and personal information are kept secure at all times.

Is the Client Center for all Bridgeford Trust Company clients? YES! The Client Center is available for all clients, regardless of the services we perform.

How much does Client Center access cost? Nothing! The Client Center makes doing business more efficient and effective for Bridgeford Trust Company and our clients. It is just another tool we use to serve our clients.

Where do I sign up? Current clients can review the Client Center Terms and Conditions and submit a request form above.