Advisor Friendly Fiduciary Services

“The new leaders in innovation will be those who can understand how to design collaborative networks and how to tap their potential.”
– Harvard Business Review, December 2008

Collaborative and Outsourced Fiduciary Services

Trust planning and administration continues to be an essential component of wealth planning for affluent individuals and families. Asset managers, financial advisors, insurance professionals, and family offices without access to progressive trust powers operate at a significant disadvantage when competing in the marketplace with large bank-based trust companies. In addition, such advisors are clearly at risk of losing significant assets as wealthy clients pass away and assets flow out of their estate and into trust accounts managed by trust companies that insist upon managing assets.

Collaboration with Bridgeford Trust allows asset managers, financial advisors, insurance professionals, and family offices to retain control over assets and remain the trusted advisor over multiple generations through the use of directed trusts. A directed trust bifurcates the trust administration and investment functions, allowing the asset manager to retain control over the investment process (and fees) while the independent trustee administers the trust. This “unbundling” of financial services allows the trustee and advisor to collaboratively provide comprehensive wealth management without losing control of the relationship or fees…a true win for the client and advisor.

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