Non-Traditional Assets

Bridgeford Trust Company understands that trusts were not created just to hold liquid investible assets. To the contrary, they were created to hold and transfer a myriad of property interests in a tax efficient manner while maintaining control over assets for the benefit of beneficiaries. For this reason, trust planning and the ability to work with non-traditional assets in trust is clearly an essential component of overall wealth planning, particularly for affluent and ultra-affluent families.

However, many bank trust departments refuse to work with non-traditional assets, forcing wealthy families to appoint individual trustees to handle non-traditional assets. This is ironic since non-traditional assets are typically the most complicated to administer and carry the most liability.

As an independent trust company with access to one of the most progressive trust jurisdictions in the nation, Bridgeford Trust has the ability, desire, and infrastructure to work with non-traditional assets in trusts. Remaining true to our commitment to serve affluent families with unique wealth planning needs, Bridgeford Trust will explore holding the following non-traditional assets in trust:

    • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)
    • Closely Held Stock
    • Partnerships
    • 831(b) Micro Captives
    • Artwork
    • Automobiles